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Governmental Care

Thanks to the care, support and help from the provincial and municipal governments and friends from all circles during these years, Fangsheng Pharma has shown good prosperity.

 Jan 5th, 2015: Yi Lianhong, member of the Hunan Provincial CPC Standing Committee and secretary of Changsha Municipal CPC Committee, and other leaders came to supervise work in Fangsheng's new production base. He encouraged us to reinforce research, development and innovation so as to lead inTCM as well as pursue the path of self-research and self-innovation in Western medicine.



Jun 17th, 2013: Chen Junwen, the deputy director of the Standing Committe of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, supervised the Fangsheng new production base and encouraged seizing the opportunity of GMP transformation period and drawing on all preponderant strength to contribute to the company’s development.



May 16th, 2012: Zhang Guangrong, director of the Drug and Food Administration of Hunan Province supervised and praised Fangsheng of steady and high-speed development, excellent research work, wide-spread market, plenty type of production and unlimited potential.



Sep 2nd, 2011: Zhang Jianfei,the Mayor of Changsha supervised and applauded the recent achievements and encouraged a realization of the core competitiveness,closely connection of marketing and researching and further management reformation which guaranteed fast company development.


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